Sister and I get seduced

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Sister and I get seduced

It started out like any other school day. Well for me anyway, community college is hardly ever different from week to week. I didn't have many friends back then and a very small family. Just parents, my sister Stephanie and myself. I'm Carly.

Like most teen girls, I was dealing with that awkward age when the whole world seems to be bombarding me with ideas about sex. Although i'm a plain girl, 5'4" curvy with brown hair and eyes, I had my almost fair share of guys trying to date me.

I say almost, because my sister got all the looks. I'm the brains. She is 2 years older than me and more developed. She has a date with a different guy every other night. I spend time wondering if i'm just a late bloomer who will eventually fill out into something more like her.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not unhappy with my body, I just wish it was a bit more lusted after by guys I think are cute. Instead of the other way around. There are three guys in school I want to see naked in about as naughty a way as possible. But so far they only see me as the smart sister who gets the good grades and is "the hottie's" younger sister.

Okay; so maybe I was a little jealous. But I didn't really feel bad. I may have been an over-looked shy little virgin then, but I knew my time would come. As it turned out. It came much faster than I could imagine.

So as I said before; it seemed like a typical school day. I came home, had a snack and clicked through about a hundred channels of nothing for about an hour. Stephanie has a part time job waiting tables at a franchise diner across town. For the record it is not so much a town as a village spread out across a few dozen farms with a county school someplace in the middle. About 1500 people confess to living here and nobody knows anybody else unless they happen to live less than 100 yards away.

About 50 yards away is the family that makes up the plot of my story. They have 2 boys and a girl named Sarah. Not her real name at all but trust me! If I told you her real name you wouldn't believe me. I'll just sum up by saying her parents are hippies and leave it at that.

Sarah inherited the hippie dippy gene in a BIG way. I'm not kidding! This girl cries whenever she see's a dead plant that somebody forgot to water or left out of the sun. She only frowns if they die of more natural causes but still. Anyway she is pretty much my . My sister is a close second of course but as I explained we are not exactly on the same level playing field when it comes to boys and that uses up about 90% of her attention.

Sarah and I were once very much MORE than best friends. A few years ago we were experimenting with girl - , hugging and a few other things. We never did anything too advanced like penetration or although we did play with ourselves in front of each other a couple of times. I was certain I was a lesbian for a long time and I guess I was comfortable with that. Eventually I started having wet dreams about my history / social studies Mr. Wyatt and that theory went out the window.

We both seem more into boys now, than each other, which is fine too. I guess in the sexual dept. we evolved apart. In every other way she is practically my other sister. Her brothers on the other hand were PESTS! Ugh! What a couple of messy, smelly, dirty minded, little perverts. They are both a couple of years younger than me and act even younger with very adult ideas. The problem though is that they are both devilishly good looking and can talk like a snake charmer. I can resist all of that except they are also my only source of weed.

Being my #1 hippie chic, naturally she hooked me up to that wonderfully wacky plant and I LOVE it. Not too much I only do it about once every couple of weeks. But when I do get some I forget my problems for awhile and just relax. As I would learn later that night, it has another effect on me as I discovered the I tried it with guys around.

Sarah called me as she often does at about 7:30. She told me that her parents went out with their friends and would be gone until late at night. I told her that it sounded fun but I did not want to deal with her brothers tonight because I already have a homework headache. She replied, with her usual pouting voice, that we would stay in her room with snacks and green since she was tired also. Damnit! She always gets her way when she talks to me like that.

So a half hour later we were sitting on her bed stuffing our already chubby faces with one hand and token a bong tube with the other. About 10 minutes in I was WASTED! Now I don't really know what it's like for you guys, but for us girls getting high on pot makes us think MUCH more slowly. We still know all about our inhibitions, but we react like we don't care about them anymore.

Such would explain the conversation I was having with Sarah. She not only turns into a horny little tramp. She gets dirty mouthed and VULGAR. As she was going into very explicit detail about something she did with some guy in the ladies restroom a few days ago. I was riveted. I don't recall the details but she was telling it very well. So well that I was getting wet underneath my white cotton panties.

I swallowed and closed my eyes as I listened. I'm not exactly sure when I started but when I glanced down between my legs my pants were undone and my fingers were inside my panties. I was so high I could barely feel myself. Sarah could see it though and she just looked at me with her mouth open.

She shook her head a little and said it had been so long since I let her see that. She leaned over and kissed me very passionately on the lips for what seemed like forever. Like I said. Time for me was pretty hazy. What happened next shocked me back to the present in a hurry.

Those two gremlin brothers of hers started giggling from the other side of the door. I looked at the door and saw them peaking through a warped peace of the door frame. It did not take much to guess that they could see plenty. I was mad and embarrassed of course but also stoned. The pot won easily. I just fell backward onto the end of her bad laughing and laughing. She had a big grin on her face as she lay over me resting on her elbows.

"I'm sorry Carly." She apologized. "My brothers are impossible and I'm not allowed to give them away to the circus." We both laughed again and I looked at her kind of seriously.

"The boy you were with, did you lay him?" She looked down blushing and bit her lip.

"No. We both kind of chickened out." I reassured her that it was okay and she is just not ready yet. She protested that she wanted it but was just so afraid it would really hurt.

"I know exactly what you mean. Stephanie told me about her first time and i'm worried too."

She smiled at me and kissed me again. She was fairly shaky too, so she started missing my lips and ended up licking and sucking my cheeks and neck.

From the door we suddenly heard one of the boys say.

"Look at em go! They are at it again." This puzzled me.

What was that "again" supposed to mean? I pushed away from Sarah and stumbled over to the door opening it. I shocked Stephen so badly that he fell backwards onto the floor looking up at me. Kevin started to run but couldn't because he become fixed on looking at my dampened panties with my jeans still down around my thighs.

Stephen started to panic. I'm sorry he mumbled. I'm really sorry it will never happen again. I swallowed. I didn't really understand what he was saying because he was confusing me in other ways than I was used too. I stared at him and eventually became aware that I was breathing heavy and was looking at him lustfully.

"What's the matter? Am I the first girl you have ever seen in her underwear?"

He nodded slowly and explained how he used to hide in Sarah's closet back when we played with each other but never really got to see anything more than our clothes. I looked over at Kevin and he shrugged his agreement.

I'm not sure what came over me. It was like the high and the moment just possessed me. My shoes were already off, so I hooked my thumbs into my pants and yanked them down to my ankles kicking them backwards in to Sarah's room. She was, of course sitting on the bed with a look somewhere between fascination and shock.

"Well then it's time you got a better look at what a real girl looks like then!"

There eyes widened as they looked my curvy full rounded body over. I was in heat like I can't describe. In a way I was in a type of dream state because of the pot. But I was also fully aware of my actions. Enjoying this pure, , side of me that until now was only a part of my fantasy life.

I had two younger men looking at me like I was a sex goddess and totally in my power. Turning slowly, mostly to keep my balance, I unbuttoned my blouse and gave them a full display of my 28D breasts. They were barely restrained by the lacy bra I had "Borrowed" from their sister when I changed clothes awhile ago. I let the shirt fall into my hands behind me and tossed it at Sarah.

By now she had her hemp dress pulled up above her waist with two fingers inside her own panties enjoying my show. The guys could not see her because the door was still in the way.

I massaged my feminine curves a few times stopping to rub the wetness on my thighs. I put my fingers to my lips and licked suggestively.

"Do you dirty minded little perverts like what you see now?" I asked trying to keep some authority in my voice despite how incredibly turned on I was. They both nodded enthusiastically as they leaned closer to me.

"Am I as good as those little tramps you see in those magazines?" I asked feeling my courage building. They both nodded quickly and stammered out "better".

"You're both very sorry and really want to make it up to me, like you said?" They nodded again. I looked at them slyly and kissed Kevin hard on the lips.

"Well instead of being a couple of stupid little virgins, act like men and come in here and prove it!" I then grabbed Stephens head and pulled it into my cleavage holding it there for awhile. I then kissed him hard on the lips also except that I inserted my tongue and played with his.

I whispered into his ear.

"Your all mine now, dirty little virgin." I then walked back into the room and knelt in front of Sarah, as I removed her dress over her head she whispered to me.

"What are you doing Carly?" I didn't answer her, instead I just stripped her down to bra and panties the same as me as both her brothers entered the room. At first they looked nervous about seeing there wildly arousing sister. As I suspected though, she was soon just another sultry half-naked female to them.

Make that fully naked. As I took another couple of hits on the bong she stripped bare and lay back on her bed looking at Kevin and fingering herself. She then grinned back at me and said.

"Well this is not very fair at all. If they were they would be showing us as much as we are showing them."

They got the hint in a hurry and their clothes went flying off in every direction. I had never seen a fully naked grown male before. I was always aroused seeing guys in swim trunks and shorts but this was incredible. The twinge inside my sex was persistently nagging me from the inside out. I needed attention immediately or I would explode.

I looked lustfully at Stephen while removing my own panties and inserted two fingers down into my eager beaver. I gasped at the sensations and my eyes fluttered wildly with heated passion. I had masturbated several times before but never with a guy watching and getting ready to have him screw my horny girl brains out.

I pulled my slick glistening fingers out of my swollen cuny and pointed at his stiff manhood. I motioned to him to come to me and as he did I took his sex into my hand and stroked it. It felt so wonderful to finally have a very willing and ready man in my hand. If only he knew that I was probably much more hot for him than he was for me.

Sure he wanted to get off but I needed it. I did not want to waste anymore time with stupid fore-play. I spread my legs as best as I could and placed the head of his penis against my pink inner lips. He nodded and worked his hips so that he slipped in with my self lubrication. GAWDS!!! I almost started to cum right then. He pumped recklessly back and forth taking care of his own cherry. On the sixth stroke he found his stride and I fucking SCREAMED!

He broke my cherry and it knocked the wind out of me. Even very buzzed I not only felt the pinch but every centimeter of his shaft penetrate my unexplored hole. It made me jump up onto him so that I ended up face to face straddling him. He was in me to his balls as my own weight worked me down onto him more with each gasp.

Now for those of you who have been wondering and waiting. News flash! Naturally this is where the incest part comes in. While Stephen ripped the bra off over my head. Sarah seemed worried and asked if I was okay because I had screamed.

"Your about to find out for yourself." I winked at her and looked over at Kevin who was stroking his cock while watching me and his brother.

"What's the matter with you?" I scolded him. Are you really going to let my best friend take care of herself while your perfectly good cock is available?"

"She is my sister!" He protested.

"So what. We have both been on the pill for years and nobody ever needs know." I gasped as Stephen sucked on my nipples and made me buck my hips as I rode him.

"I have already taken one virgin tonight and you better get some practice before I decide to make you my second lover." I told him as Sarah gasped at me. I really don't think she ever considered this side of me before. Which of course makes two of us.

I could feel the pleasure building inside me as the piston action of my very first cock took me over and over again. Thrust after thrust made me more and more lustful. I was pleasantly out of control. Kevin was on top of his sister like white on rice. It did not take much to imagine that he might have already had forbidden ideas about his sister before now.

After a few minutes of 69ing her. He placed himself between her legs and she obediently pulled them up out of his way. He was more forceful and rough with her than I expected. He called here his personal whore and told her to moan for him like the little slut she really is. Then he worked his cock inside his sisters vagina, forcefully taken her virginity.

She did not scream but she did look somewhat uncomfortable and squirmed around against him before finally surrendering to the sensations she was giving him. I was so dizzy from everything happening that I fell backwards onto the bed with Stephen still inside me. I expected him to have cum by now but considering how much Sarah's brothers masturbate he must have some staying power.

Pinning my hands over my head he then started doing me in a fantastic way I will never forget. He pulled almost all of the way back out of me until only his tip was in me. Then suddenly rammed hard back inside me. I started to come before the third time he did this. I shook and gushed panting out strange obscene words of pleasure.

All of my years of sexual frustration drained from me like water down a bathtub drain. My coming was too much for him and he exploded in me shooting his load deep into my belly. It was so hot and erotic it prolonged my own orgasm for a few more waves.

Sarah was not far behind as she trembled from the severe screwing her brother gave her. I'm not sure if Kevin came too. I was much too tingly to ask or care at that point. Stephen collapsed onto me sucking and nibbling all over me, which was not only turning me on all over again but made me worry that I might not have the strength to go again so soon.

As it turned out the issue was decided for me. Sarah sat up and took my wrist as she nodded and made strange signals to her brothers. They got into position as she spun my over onto my belly. Now it was my turn to ask her what she was doing.

"Getting even with my best friend for giving me to my brother without permission." She mock scolded me and giggled.

It quickly dawned on me that I was about to lose my second cherry that night. Kevin grabbed my hips and inserted his cock into my drenched, well creamed, pussy and pumped me a few times before pulling out.

"No!" I gasped. "I have never even played with my own ass before." I tried to wriggle away but Sarah had a good grip I was helpless. I could hear the slick sound of him stroking his soaked sex as he placed it against my only remaining virgin option. I was about to be taught a lesson about being a woman from one of my former lust slaves

Fortunately he was more gentle with me than he had been with his sister. He talked dirty to me also and it really helped get me off. It did not take long before I was getting into it. It still hurt some. I don't think I could have taken it without being buzzed and just orgasmed with Stephen. I was stretched and it burned but felt somewhat alright.

He shot a fresh load up inside my ass and I fell forward into Sarah's arms. Cum drained from both my , sore, holes but I felt fantastic. The guys collected their stuff off the floor and left. I was beyond exhausted as I passed out sleeping beside my naked best friend Sarah for the first time ever.

Hours later I awoke and she was gone. I looked at her clock and saw that it was just past mid-night. I jumped into my clothes and sneaked out her window in case her parents had already come home. I was sobering up fast but did not regret one single second of what I had done. I had never felt so alive.

Very sore. But liberated. Just thinking that I was no longer the hopeless geeky virgin little sister was intoxicating. I finally had something to xnxxv sunny leone video talk to my sister about. If I could ever find the courage to admit it. Names would certainly have to be changed in that version for sure.

I used my key and stealthily made it upstairs to my room. Passing my sisters room I noticed a low light on and the door was slightly open. Curiosity took hold and I stepped inside. I was amazed at what I saw. Sarah was wearing one of her sexy sheer nighties and was sitting on the corner of the bed.

"What are you doing here?" I whispered trying not to wake up Stephanie. She held up one of my sisters dildos and gave me a mischievous real forced anal against her will look.

"Turn about is fair play."

To be continued...