Even more fun with our friends

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Even more fun with our friends

My husband, Andy, was right that our sex life had reduced considerably after the birth of our kids, like it milf porn videos does for most couples. We still made love but not as frequently and not with the same passion as we used to. As I started to get back into shape and feel more confident with my body things had started to improve a little. However, nothing could have prepared me for the effect of that night out and finding out that watching someone else and especially being watched really, and I do mean really, turned me on. 

From then on we started to watch porn films together and videoed us making love, something I wouldn’t do before. I always put on sexy clothes and some really /lingerie/sexy-lingerie/">sexy lingerie and it is such a turn on to know I am being filmed and then to watch us back. Whenever we do the sex that it leads to is always fantastic and it has released some of my inhibitions and led me to do things I would not have considered before (slow stripping, /toys/sex-toys/">sex toys). I like watching it so much that some afternoons when he is at work I put one of our video’s on, this always leads to me playing with my breasts and pussy and masturbating until I orgasm. Doing this in the middle of the day also seems to make it more of a turn on as well. It makes me so horny and our sex life has improved unbelievably. 
The following events happened on another night out with our ’close’ friends, Phil and Sarah. The kids were staying at my Mum’s and we were staying over at Sarah’s house. 
Getting ready

Due to the events of the card night I always start to get horny as we are getting ready as I think back to what took place. It was late afternoon and I was starting to get ready. I took a shower and while soaping my body started to think back to the night when we had watched each other having sex. I paid particular attention to my bum and then my breasts and gave them a gentle rub and squeeze, tweaking my nipples as I did. I started to feel myself getting turned on and my hands moved to my thighs and between my legs. I had just started to rub my pussy when Andy opened the door and came in for his shower. I got out and went into our bedroom as he showered. I was rubbing myself dry with my towel and as I dried my breasts my nipples hardened again and the wetness between my legs increased. I lay back on our bed, opened the towel and started to rub and caress both of my breasts, alternating between soft touches, harder squeezes and tweaking my erect nipples. One leg was hanging over the bed, touching the floor, and my other was on the bed with my knee raised. 

I closed my eyes as my left hand continued to play with my breasts and nipples and my right hand moved down over my stomach, as it reached the top of my hairs I opened my legs wider in anticipation. I started to play with the hairs on my pussy and ran my fingers through them, teasing myself. I slid my middle finger down lower to my wet lips and they spread easily and my finger slipped between them searching for my clitoris. I started to move my hand backwards and forwards over my hard clitoris and parted my legs even wider to allow my hand to rub freely. As the feelings grew I knew it would not take me long to bring myself to an orgasm and I rubbed my breast harder and slipped my finger inside my pussy, pushing hard ’ god it felt good. As it started to build I suddenly heard Andy say ’Now that is a wonderful sight’. I opened my eyes to find him stood next to me, naked and with his erect cock inches from my face pointing at me. He said he had been watching for a few minutes before he spoke and that ’it was a really sexy sight, his wife rubbing her tits and fingering her pussy’. I was breathing heavily and told him I was nearly there and to put his cock in my mouth. Without hesitation he moved forward and lowered his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock towards my mouth. I licked the end of his cock as I pulled my finger out of my pussy and rubbed my clitoris again. After a few seconds of licking I took his cock between my lips, sucking the end as it moved into my mouth, as I carried on rubbing my pussy. As I started to rub harder I took more of his cock in my mouth and was soon running my mouth up and down his penis, giving him a real good blow job. He slipped a finger inside my pussy and my orgasm started and even though I was moaning and thrashing around I made sure his cock did not leave my mouth until he was ready to cum. As I felt him start to /climax/">climax I told him to cum over my breasts. They were wobbling up and down with the movement of my hand rubbing my pussy. He was always telling me how much he liked my /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts, especially the way they jiggled while he was shagging me and as I looked up I could see he was staring at them now. I took his cock in my hand and rubbed him until he came over my breasts as they bounced up and down. This was something else we had not done very often until my ’re-awakening’. I felt the hot liquid hit my breasts and stomach as I lay there gasping in air and stretching my body and legs as my orgasm subsided. After a few minutes I sat up, got some tissue and cleaned his cum of off my breasts, telling him that I had needed that and was looking forward to having full sex that night!! I really wanted it now but knew we had to get ready and drive to our friends. He watched me rub my breasts clean with a big smile on his face.

I had already picked out my clothes and put on a red lace bra and matching thong, both see through. A red velvety top (quite tight and clingy), a black mid thigh length skirt and knee high boots. I knew Andy liked me to wear them and whenever I did he always called me ’Pussy in boots’. I did my hair and make-up and we were ready to go. It was a 30 minute drive to their house and on the way we talked a bit about the time we had watched them in the garden, then played cards and had sex in front of each other ’ starting to give me a wet sensation again!
Surprising hubby

When we got there Phil and Sarah were almost ready and we had a drink and a chat. No doubt if Andy was writing this he would describe in some detail what Sarah was wearing but needless to say she looked sexy in her short skirt and tight blouse. They told us we were in the normal room and we took our overnight bags upstairs. At the top of the stairs Andy said he needed the loo and would be a minute. In the room I put my bag down and looked at myself in the full length mirror they had. I was at last fairly pleased with my figure and although I say it myself I looked quite sexy in my clingy top, skirt and boots. I noticed a piece of fluff on my top and brushed it off, catching my breast as I did and proceeding to give my breasts a lift and rub with my hands as I looked at myself in the mirror. I smoothed my skirt down as Andy walked in and started to un-pack his bag. I suddenly had a mad idea and while Andy had his back to me I lifted my skirt up and pulled it up to my waist. Andy heard the rustling and looked round to see me stood in my small red see through panties and knee length boots. Before he could speak I said ’Would you like me to go out without these panties on?’. I knew what his answer would be as he had frequently asked me to do so, but I had not done so for a long long time. 

He smiled and said of course he would, so I told him to come and take them off before I changed my mind. He rushed over and as he kissed me his hand went straight between my legs and rubbed /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy through my panties. It felt so good and I told him to pull them down. He did as told and slipped a finger inside my pussy and gave me a good fingering. I clung on to his shoulders and in the heat blowjob porn videos of the moment said ’How about my bra as well?’ He said if I was sure he would love to see me go out in just the top, skirt and boots. He lifted my top and unclipped my bra, releasing my breasts into his hands. As he fingered my pussy and rubbed my breasts we heard Sarah shout up asking if we were ready. Andy said we would be a minute I was just re-doing my make-up. We reluctantly stopped and I put my top and skirt back in place, picking up my bra and panties and putting them away in my overnight bag. I looked at myself in the mirror and was pleased to see that the clingy top gave my breasts some lift but was a little surprised at how much my nipples stood through. Ah well, I had made the decision now and we went downstairs.
Sexual fun in the bar

We had a drink then got a taxi to a town a few miles away and went into a bar. At first I felt self conscious and thought that every bloke was looking at my breasts, thinking they all knew I had no bra on. I decided that was silly and after a few drinks started to forget. We went to a couple of different pubs and whenever possible Andy would put his arm round my waist and rub my bum and kept telling me how sexy I looked and what a turn on it was for him to know I didn’t have any /underwear/">underwear on. I must admit it felt good for me too and I was enjoying the feeling. It was our turn to go to the bar and Andy said he would come and help in a second as he finished his drink. It was a very busy pub with two or three deep waiting to be served, it was also subdued lighting from the neon signs behind the bar ’ no main light. I stood waiting and within a few minutes felt two hands from behind on my hips and a body close by, naturally assuming it was Andy come to help. 

I was surprised when Phil said ’I’ve come to give you a hand’, I jokingly asked ’with what?’ and he said ’whatever you want’ and moved one hand down onto my bum, rubbing suggestively. I asked where Andy was and he said deep in conversation with Sarah and that he had offered to help. For some reason I didn’t stop his roving hand and thought it was a bit of harmless fun and he would stop soon. He then surprised me again by saying ’Is it a turn on to come out without a bra and panties’. After the initial /surprise/">surprise I asked if Andy had told him. He said he had known early on that, from looking at my breasts, I did not have a bra on and that yes Andy had mentioned about the panties. Phil had told him he wanted Sarah to do the same. I said that Andy should not have told him and laughingly said he said he should not be looking at my breasts. He then said why not?, they looked great and he had really enjoyed rubbing and kissing them that time. He also said I looked really sexy in my boots and he would like to see me with just those on. As he said it his other hand moved up from my hip and his fingers started to rub the underside of my breast. 

There we were in a busy bar, my husband a few /feet/">feet away and our friend rubbing my bum with one hand and my breast with the other. A few months ago I would have had a real go at him (although a few months ago I would not have been out without underwear) but for some reason I now found it an immense turn on. Not only that we were in a public place but that another man found me sexy, also the days events so far had got me turned on and really in the mood. As I had not stopped him his hand cupped my full breast and a finger rubbed across my erect nipple while his other hand rubbed my bum harder as I pushed back against it. The queue in front was slow to move and this carried on for a minute or two, his hand really squeezing my breast and nipple. Then the woman in front moved and we were at the bar. He took his hand away from my breast as the barman would have seen, leaving two erect nipples pushing against the soft, clingy material of my top. That hand moved back to my hip and he carried on rubbing both of my cheeks with his other hand. In order to get the barman’s attention I stood on tip toe, making my arse and legs higher, and felt Phil’s hand slip down over my arse to the bottom of my skirt. His body was close to me so no-one else would be able to see. 

He gently lifted my skirt a little and I felt his hand on my naked arse, his fingers searching. My legs instinctively, rather than voluntarily, parted and his hand slipped quickly down my cheeks and between my legs and I felt his fingers touch my pussy. This was something only three men had done before and none since I had met my husband. He gently rubbed my pussy and his finger slid between my very very wet lips. I was now struggling to concentrate on ordering the drinks and missed my turn, giving Phil enough time to slip a finger between my lips and inside me. What an experience, a bar full of people and I have a finger pushing inside my pussy. The barman came to me and I just about managed to tell him the drinks as Phil probed and pushed his finger away inside my pussy. As I handed the money over Phil slipped his finger out of my pussy and pulled my skirt back into place, gently patting my bum. We walked back and joined our partners, them asking what had taken so long?? My head was spinning and my pussy was dripping. Phil just looked across at me smiling.

A little later Sarah and myself were in the ladies and she said Phil had claimed Andy had told him I had no panties on and he had asked her to do the same. I said it was true, that I didn’t have a bra on either and that Andy should not have told Phil. Having said that I also told her how much of a turn on it was and how horny I was feeling (but did not mention that her husband had just fingered me at the bar). She said if I had done it she would join me and nipped into a cubicle to take off her bra and panties. When she came out her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples were clearly showing through her top and she looked at herself in the mirror. She told me to watch Phil’s face when we got back as she was going to put her panties in his hand under the table. Within a few minutes of getting back I saw her lean across, whisper to him and watched Phil’s face break into a dirty smile.