Bud louise cut the first day of school part 5

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Bud louise cut the first day of school part 5

Please read the first parts of this story to understand what's going on here the ending of Bud & Louise cut the first day of school!

Louise got home right on time and went to her room to call Bud. There was no answer so she took a shower and ate some dinner and tried to call him again, but there was still no answer. She worked on her school paper until 10:30PM and called him again. His mother answered the phone and told her he was out! She wondered where he was but didn't bother calling him again that night! 

The next morning she waited at the usual place by school for him but he didn't show up. She called his house but no one answered so she went to school. That afternoon he didn't show up to take her home so she bummed a ride with one of the girls she knew from class. When she got home she tried to call him again and again no answer. She tried all that night and never got up with him. She was really wondering where the hell he had gone. 

On Friday morning Bud saw Louise for the /first-time/">first time in 3 days. They were at the store where they almost always went too before and after school! When she questioned him he simply told her he was busy! He would be busy tonight, Friday and Saturday. She said she knew he had to work on Friday, but why weren't they going out Saturday like usual? He just told her he was going to busy and walked to school leaving her standing there in the store! Bud was thinking about Beverly Jean as he crossed the street and almost got hit by a car speeding over the hill. 

The day went by slow and around 3:30PM he went home and showered, and dressed for the date he had with Beverly! He was very anxious to see her again! He drove to the house on Elemley Ave. where Bev's cousin lived. She was sitting on the fender of her car waiting for him with her cousin! Both girls had on very short shorts and blouses that showed their bodies off nicely. It was September but it was still warm in the Mid-Atlantic region of the country. Both girls were fairly tall and built very nice. He was introduced and after a few minutes Bev and bud left her cousin and took a walk over to the playground where a bunch of kids usually /hung/">hung out after dark. They held hands and talked about what they had been doing since Labor Day. Bud found out that Bev worked about 20 hours a week for car payment and insurance. She was a freshman in a junior college, which made her one or maybe two years older that him! He also found out that her father worked at the Gas Company just like his dad did! What if they knew each other? They laughed about that! They sat on the wall in the playground, in the dark, talking and kissing and lightly touching each other. He was starting to really like this girl; no she was a woman! 

She was straightforward and sounded sincere all the time but her best assets was she was a most generally honest person. She didn't play head games and she didn't want a one-partner relationship. She had been involved with a guy 28 years old, for over 4 years and was now free to do and date whom she wanted. Right now she wanted to date Bud! She smiled as she told him all this sitting on his lap kissing him and playing /tongue/tongue-fuck/">tongue fuck with his mouth! Beverly Jean was very sexual. She wasn't a beautiful or built like a Playboy model. But she had a rusty deep voice and a very pretty face, even with her freckles, which she hated. Bud seemed to think they made her prettier! She had good size breasts and a small free porn movies download waist with a /ass/good-ass/">good ass and small round hips. But it was her personality that made Bud really like her. She kidded and was truly fun to be with! As she sat on his lap kissing him, she began to feel his cock harden under her ass. 

She smiled and like she did so many times, joked with him saying: ”Why Bud! You devil! Are you getting a hardon! Am I exciting you that much sweetie?” 

Bud actually blushed and said: ”If you remember the beach Bev, you should remember you always gave me a hardon when you kissed me like you do!” She laughed out loud and whispered in his ear as she licked it: ”Oh yes I remember the beach baby! I remember every detail of it! Did you have as much fun with me as I did with you?” Bud kissed her neck and cupped her breast! He told her: ”Oh god baby! That was the very best weekend I ever had. You were so sexy the way you danced with me and teased me all night long! But when we made love it was fantastic.” 

She held him as he unbuttoned her blouse and slid his hand inside so he could cup her bare breast. Beverly never wore a bra! She licked his lips and slid her tongue deep into his mouth as he rolled her nipple between his thumb and index finger. He loved to feel her round breasts with his hand. They were full and stood up high on her chest! He got her nipples hard and very long. She had freckles on her breasts too! He couldn't see them in the dark but he remembered them from the beach. He kissed back up her chest and whispered in her ear: ”So when do I get the chance to connect the dots on your tities like you told me I could do at the beach?” She moaned deeply as she squeezed his cock on the outside of his shorts feeling how hard and long he had become! ”God you make me so hot Bud! I don't know why, but you really excite me baby!” He told her: ”Let's get out of here and go someplace where we can be alone.” She told him: ”My cousin is the only one at her house for tonight! All the parents are away at a wedding! We could go there but I'll have to tell her to get lost!

 I think she'll understand.” Bud said: ”Well my house is full with people, my mom is having a demonstration!” They stood up and walked hand and hand back towards her cousin's house. They stopped every few yards to hold and kiss and touch each other. When they got to the house Bev's cousin was sitting in the living room watching TV. Bev told her that Bud and she were going into her bedroom for awhile. Her cousin smiled and said: ”Have fun you two!” They closed the bedroom door and melted into each other's arms. Stripping down together, in seconds they were out of their clothes and Bev laid on top of Bud licking and full hd xvideo download kissing all over him! He was hard as a rock! She was wet and hot! He told her; ”I want you so dam /bad/">bad baby! Oh god Bev I missed you!” Bev didn't speak she attacked him. Kissing him and played with is cock! 

She moaned when she felt how hard he had become. She licked down his body sucking and kissing as she went. As she came in contact with his hard shaft she smiled up at him as he looked down into her eyes. She slowly licked and wrapped her mouth around his cock head and sucked hard on it! She felt him arch his hips up into her face! 

Her hand slowly jerked him off as she sucked. She had him moaning and lifting his ass up each time her mouth slide down over the head and took in about ” his shaft! Oh god she could suck a cock! He held her head gently as she bobbed up and down on his hard-on! He watched as she worked on him giving him suck sensations all through out his body! His cock felt like it was hard as a rock and twice as long as usual! Finally when he felt he couldn't take any more he told her: ”Oh God Bev! I'm going to cum! OH shit - - - - here - - - it - - -comes! OH YES!!!! SUCK!!! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” His climax was explosive! He humped his hips up into her face shoving as much cock as he could get into her mouth! She held his cock shaft at the base and when he pushed down on his cock it extended to its fullness and thickness! 

She moaned as the cum flooded into her mouth filling it! She swallowed a number of times taking just about all of his cum! When he finally stopped shooting she popped his cock out of her mouth and slowly licked his cock head. As she pumped his shaft with her hand milking it, she watched, as drops of cum would form in his pee hole and she lick them off with her tongue. 

When he was completely finished and starting to soften a little, she came up and kissed him hard letting him taste his own cum which was still on her tongue! He held her and whispered in her ear: ”My turn! Change positions he told her: ”Now, let me lick that beautiful pussy!” She smiled and kissed him saying: ”You always know the right words to say to get me hot sugar! I'm all yours!” 

Part 2

She rolled off of him and lay on the bed! She told him: ”Do with me what you will my /master/">master! But lick my pussy first!” Bud smiled as he heard her tell him that. He looked down at her and marveled at her still very tanned body and up to her lovely face. In the light of the room he looked at the light blonde streaks running through her very light brown hair which was down to her shoulders. 

She had hazel eyes and a very pretty face! Se wasn't gorgeous but she looked like a model and could make any man's head turn that was for sure. He breasts stood up with nipples dark and long, poking out the top of them like a cherry on top of a soft mound of ice cream! Mum he knew he was going to love licking and sucking them again! As he looked further down her body he saw her small waist and set of hips. Her pussy hair was a light color too and trimmed short so she could wear that bikini he so loved! He could see her cunt lips sticking out the hair trimmed that short, especially around the sides between her legs. Her legs were very long and actually her best body assets except maybe her ass!