My first party at college

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
My first party at college

Hi. Im Ashleigh. I am 18 from Calafornia. I have been at /college/">college for 2 years. I have been a lesbian (secretly) for the past 2 years and love girls to bits. Now i was never much of a /party/">party type but figured, Hey, Lets give it a go. So. I did. Me and 4 of my Friends went to this party. There were mainly guys here and of course the other girls were going /crazy/">crazy over them but they were of no interest to me. Anyway everyone was drinking and everyone was getting rather fucked, guys were trying to rub up against me but i was not having any of it. Then i saw one of my friends getting hit on by this guy and they politely said they were not interested. Apparently he did not like this as he proceeded to grab her arm and told her that "I choose weither you are interested or not". I was not happy and i could see that neither was she. I kicked him as hard as i could "where it hurts" and then walked away with her. She was crying and then asked if i would come with her to the bathroom. WAIT WHAT? GIRLS DO THIS? I had no idea that girls went to the bathroom together.

"What?" I asked
"Just come up and stand in there while i sort myself out.". I was shocked. Nobody had asked me to do this before and i was wondering if she was hitting on me but quickly ruled that out as wishful thinking.
"Ok." I said, still kinda shocked. So we went upstairs to the bathroom and she started sorting out her make up in the bathroom.
"Are you ok?" I asked.
"God i fucking hate guys!" she shouted back. I hugged her.
"Its ok baby." and gave her a friendly peck on the cheek.
"Ok then. Hey mind turning around a second?" She asked.

I felt a zing. What was she going to do?
"Erm. Why?"
"I need to piss."

I have always been turned on by piss. It was always a favourite of mine. But i wasnt going to /freak/">freak her out and make her stop.
"Ok. Ill just turn around."
There was a pause as i turned.
"Have you ever done this before?" She asked.
"No. This is new but its fine."

I turned around.
"You know most girls just do their make up in the mirror or something you dont have to just stare at the wall." I heard from behind me. This was my chance. I turned around a just looked into the mirror.
I saw her slowly slide her trousers down to her ankles revealing a pink tight thong giving her a huge camel toe. I could feel myself getting wet.
"Have you ever seen another girls pussy before?" She asked again.
"No.". There was a pause.
"Oh ok if its your /first-time/">first time you can watch." I felt my heart jump with joy and my pussy tingle like a tongue was stroking it.
"Really?" I asked shocked that this wasnt all in my head.
"Yeah sure." She said. She then pulled down her thong to show her freshly shaved pussy with huge lips just asking to be kissed.
"Ok. Lets go" she laughed slightly as she said this.

I watched gleefully as see-through piss starting streaming from her pussy. My pussy was now soaking through my panties.
"Oh man." I said
"Now i need a piss!" i said jokingly. She suddenly stopped. Did i blow it?
"Thats ok. Just piss while im pissing". I was confused.
"Erm im not a guy, i dont piss standing up." I said sarcastically.
"Sit on my lap and do it". She replied.

She didnt have to tell me twice i pulled down my panties and took a seat.
She groaned as i sat on her.
"Sorry, Am i heavy?" I asked.
"Ha ha no its just im really trying to hold it in".
"Ok then no time to lose!". She starting pissing again and slowly thrusting up and down as if she was enjoying it too! However. alain lyle porn I had not pissed in front of someone before and was having some trouble getting started.
"Need a hand?" She asked.
"How can you help?" I replied.

She started putting one finger into my piss hole! I was amazed! It kinda tickled and made me want to piss more than ever!
"Ok im ganna piss!" i said quickly and urgently. She pulled out and i began a stream of my own but it was going straight onto her pussy.
"Shit sorry!" i said as i tried to aim away.
"No. Carry on. I like it." She replied. HOLY SHIT. SHE MUST BE A LESBIAN TOO!"

I kept pissing all over her pussy and began to moan as we did it.
"Get on your knees" she indian santali xvideo asked me. I went down and she began to slowly start pissing onto my face. I swallowed every last drop and i loved it. We walked out of the bathroom together knowing it was not the last time i would visit the toilet with her again.