A weekend at the cottage part seven final

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A weekend at the cottage part seven final

Exhausted, we fell asleep on the living room floor. The four of us so close we were touching. The sex had been intense. My husband, lying next to me turned on his side, towards Jake, on the other side of him. This woke me up but I decided I would remain still, pretending I was still sleeping.

Jake was also on his side, turned towards Lea, who was fast asleep on her back, her /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts slightly to her sides. My husband moved closer to Jake and placed his right arm under Jake's right arm, pressing his chest against Jake's back. Jake was reaching out with his right arm. Silently, I raised myself on my elbow to see what was going on. Jake and my husband were awake but not noticing me. Jake was caressing Lea's breasts. Leas started moaning very gently. Jake moved his hand over Lea's mouth to indicate that she wwwxxx had to be quiet then moved his hand back to her large erected nipples. My husband placed his head on Jake's shoulder to look at Lea. When he moved, I quickly but silently went back down to pretend I was sleeping. I do not know if he looked at me or not.

When I opened my eyes again, he was positioning his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock at the entrence of Jake's /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole and started to push himself inside of him. When he was complletely in, he resumed his position with his head on Jake' shoulder and started to move in and out of Jake slowly. I could hear them breath harder and guessed of their effort to stay quiet. I lifted myself up on my elbow again. Lea had her eyes closed. Jake was squeezing Lea's tits, pulling on her nipples. He grabbed my husband's hand and placed it on Lea's left tit. My husband started massaging it, pulling and squeezing, and accelerated his fucking of Jake's ass. Lea was masturbating. They were panting. All three of them. I heard Lea come, quickly followed by my husband. Jake had been rubbing his hard cock against Lea's leg. I layed back down when I saw that Lea was moving. I closed my eyes. I can only imagine that she reached down to Jake's cock to suck him to orgasm. I heard him cum. I waited for a few minutes then woke up as if I did not know anything. `Let's get something to drink`I offered. `I will help you in the kitchen`my husband said.

We were alone in the kitchen.

`Would you be upset if I fucked Lea?`my husband asked without warning. `I am attracted to her /tits/large-tits/">large tits and would like to experience having sex with a woman with /tits/big-tits/">big tits. Your breasts are beautiful, they are perfect, but they do not bounce around heavily when we fuck. And I can't tit fuck you`he added. I did not know what to respond. I do not want to deny him any pleasures. He has done so much to please me. And Lea's big tits are exciting. `What does Jake think about it?`I asked. `He told me I could fuck Lea even without his permission. He has told me how much he wants to fuck you. That would be the condition: that he can fuck you without my permission. I told him I was OK with it. Well I think I am. I don't realy know how I would feel watching you get fucked by another man even if it is Jake`he answered. I did not say anything and walked out with drinks for everyone.

Lea and Jake were sitting on the floor, talking and smiling. I looked at Jake's body. I recalled his long erected cock and imagined him fucking me hard and deep. It made me wet. Yes, he could fuck me. We all sat together on the floor and enjoyed a few glasses of wine, talking and laughing. They were good friends. `I would like you to fuck me Jake`I said reaching out to touch his limp cock, which started to harden as soon as I touched it. Lea and my husband looked at me startled. Without waiting for the answer, I placed myself on my knees on each side of his legs and bent down to the wwwxxx suck on his hardening cock. Jake placed his hands on my head and started to move his hips up and down giving me a deep throat fuck. My ass was up in the air, an invitation that Lea accepted. I felt her hands pulling my ass cheaks apart then her mouth and her tongue.

Then I felt Lea's face push into my pussy, as if she had been pushed forward. She was moaning inside my pussy with every push forward, pulling my ass cheaks apart, I sucked harder. My husband was fucking Lea. Jake pulled me toward him until I had his cock between my legs. Grabbing me by the hips, he pushed me down on his /cock/large-cock/">large cock. I could feel him deep inside of me. I turned my head to see my husband. Jake understood and moved so that we could both look. Lea was on all foors, her bis tits almost touching the floor as they bounced violently back and forth. My husband was not fucking her, he was pounding her. This must have inspired Jake who started to lift me up and pull me down as he was he was pushing has deep as he could inside of me with his hips. He grabbed by breasts with his large hands, squeezing hard, pulling me up and down, making me bounce up and down his shaft. Lea was moaning loudly.

I felt my orgasm build up in me. Lea came in a scream. `You /bitch/">bitch!`I heard my husband tell her with a slap on her ass. I let my orgasm take over my entire body. Jake was not slowing down. My breast hurt but I let him continue. My husband slapped Lea's ass againg. He pulled out of her only to re enter her ass hole. She screamed. Jake came inside of me violently. My husband was still fucking Lea's ass with all his strenght. He placed his body over Lea's and grabbed her tits with both hands, /ass/ass-fucking/fucking-her-ass/">fucking her ass like an animal. Lea was begging for more. He finaly came loudly, looking at me straight in the eyes. Lea started to cry. Jake took her in his arms `You were beautiful Lea. I loved looking at you fucked by another man`he told her gently. My husband was holding me. `Thank you`he said. We kissed.