My Sisters Vocal Teacher

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My Sisters Vocal Teacher

I learnt guitar at the same place with my sister when I was a high school senior. I had been there for quite awhile and had quite a hand in playing the guitar.

My had a band, she was the vocalist, she wanted to sing better, so she signed up for the lessons. Her teachers, lets name her Janie, was a fine 20-27 yrs old woman. Her face was sharp, her body was slim with a nice pair of boobs, sizing around C cup. And her ass was moderate. She had a personality, every time I smiled at her shell just nod.

Every time I went to the classes Id walk slowly and watch her body move from the back. She always wore high-waisted skirts, with her formal top tucked in and a belt. Some times shed wear a dress, a mini dress thatll show how nice her legs are.

So after years of vocal lessons with my sister, they came to an idea to have the lessons at her house instead, because of tax and commission problems.

Id always follow my sister to Janies house because we normally catch a movie right after. When we shifted her lessons to Janies house, her mood changed quite a bit shed smile at me and sometimes hug me. Every time we hugged, I could feel her breasts and always had to avoid my erected penis from her. Sometimes after hugging shed look at me in a very concentrated way. As if she felt my penis.

While they go through the lesson, Id sit on the couch and watch television with her boyfriend, he was a nice guy, but it seems like just wanted something from Janie.

One day my sister had to go for a last minuter prize-giving event, her phone was lost, so she dropped me off at Janies house to inform Janie that she cant attend Janies class that day. I knocked on the door and heard a loud engine noise, it was my sister leaving me at Janies house with no transportation back home whatsoever.

I knocked on the door and saw Janie.

Hey, my sister cant attend the lesson today,

Oh thats a bummer, I wanted to go through Zombie with her,oh well, how did you get here, I dont see any car or anything, did you fly, she said jokingly.

Sis dropped me here and left, and now Im stuck here until..,

Oh then come on in, you can chill here until we find you a way home,

I can get a cab or something, you sure Im not bothering you and Ryan,

No, hes not here and he wont be coming here anymore, he just wanted to get my fathers love so that he could get a promotion, what a dick, and of course not, Id love some company, I feel so lonely lately,

Wow, he was nice..,

Yeah, and weird, so what do you wanna do,

Err, you can go do what ever you were busy doing, Im good,

I wanna accompany my guest,

Err, alright, my dick got harder as she said those horny words to me.

What a hot day, wanna go swimming,

Sure, but I dont have any trunks,

Its okay, I can lend you my cousins, lets hope it fits,

She took the trunks to me and I tried it on, it was a little lose but I didnt mind, all I wanted to do is go into the pool and see my sisters /teacher/">teacher half-naked.

Lets go, she took my hand and led me to her pool behind her house,

She stripped off her robes and exposed herself in a turquoise bikini with abstracts of clouds on it, I could see her slim stomach nicely for the first time. My penis was so hard, a shape appeared from the pair of trunks, I tried to hide them, and they did.

We went in to the pool and just fooled around. I splashed some water at her, shed splash some water back at me, she came and tickled me, I tickled her and hopefully without her noticing, grabbed her breasts a few times. I couldve came in those trunk went I felt her breasts.

We were laughing like fools in the pool. She climbed up and said Lets dive in, I bet I can dive in better than you,

Game on,

She plunged in from the side of the pool like a mermaid, she was so sexy.

I went to the side where she stood and jumped into the pool, when xxx sex video download free com I reached the pool, my trunks came off. With the water slide just beside me, it pushed it to the other end of the pool, I was now naked in the pool, with a /teacher/sexy-teacher/">sexy teacher looking at my hardened cock.

Shit, Im so sorry, it was an accident,

Oh my god, dont worry, Im open minded, she laughed.

Thanks, blushing.

By the way, nice penis, for a guy your age with that penis, how many ladies are you banging out there, she smiled at me.

Err, Im still a virgin actually, grabbing my trunks and putting them back on.

No way, thats a /cock/sexy-cock/">sexy cock right there,

Wow, thanks,

I would like to fuck that cock , she mumbled.

I was stunned, not sure of what she had just said.


Oh, nothing, look at the time I better check on my delivery status, those lingerie I ordered better be arriving soon, lets get out of the pool, I need help from a guy like you to see if the lingerie I booked are... sexy,

Wow, Itd be my pleasure,

She passed me a robe, led the way to her room and showed me the lingerie.. on the net, they were white in white in color, very striking. I told her they were nice.

She took a pair of similar style lingerie, turned her back, stripped of her bikini and slid her Lingerie on, she turned to me, saying Do you like what you see, I penis getting so hard it was about to cum. She moved closer to me, her boobs coming closer to me. I kept quiet. She took a peek and my cock and said Thanks now, go take a bath, Im going to do so too, you can use the shower beside mine,. By that time I couldve grabbed her and fucked her. But i controlled myself.

I went to the shower she showed me to, took off those trunks, washed off the bit of cum and started thinking of Janie a couple of minutes ago, nice slim stomach, round breasts about to pop out from her bikini, firm ass that sticked out from the shape of her body, smooth skin.. I started jerking off to her nice body.

Suddenly, I felt a persons presence as I laid against the wall stroking my penis, saying Oh, Janie, yes Janie, just like that,.

Janie was standing there in shock.


Im here for the shampoo, are you masturbating, thinking about me,

No, I was cleaning my private,

Why is it hard, dont lie Austin, I heard you mention my name, I always felt something hard rub against my pussy when I hugged you, I saw your dick straight up like that back in the pool, do you get horny when you see me,

Fuck, yes, Im sorry, Its just that you are so sexy,

I loved the feeling of your dick rubbing against my pussy, back in the pool, when you grabbed my breasts, I was wet already. And honestly, I came here to peek on your dick to masturbate on,

Fuck you /bitch/">bitch, just tell me Id fuck you since 3 years ago,

Have you been thinking of me for 3 years,

Yea, jerking off to your /tits/nice-tits/">nice tits and stomach everyday,

She came to me, and sucked my dick. I ran my hand through her black hair as she rubbed my balls. I felt a weird feeling going through my cock, weird but nice, very unique, way better then when I jerked off.

I think Im about to cum,

Just cum in my throat, I wanna taste your fresh cum,

I came as she commanded.

She kept my cock in her mouth until it was limp.

She offed the shower tap, wiped my body with a towel gently and led me to her bed, she took out a condom from her drawer.

For protection,

She gently put it on for me, the way her smooth skin touched my dick made me hard again. I grabbed her lingerie, and slowly stripped her naked. I saw her nipples, a nicely shaved pussy and her beautiful ass for the /first-time/">first time. Damn, shes so hot I couldve just fucked her! I started caressing her boobs slowly and gently, her nipples stiffened and I licked her entire C cup tits, with my saliva drooling all over them. She kept moaning and moaning.

FUCK ME, FUCK ME PLEASE AUSTIN, I want your fresh cock IN Me, RIGHT NOW,

I rubbed my cock on the outside of her vagina, teasing her a little, then I inserted my penis into her womb and felt her warmness I moved in and out slowly, then kissed her lips and got our tongue tangled, still moving in and out, the pressure on my dick was rising. I increased the pace, pounding her harder and harder.


I fucked her harder and felt her warm liquid on my dick through the condom, I went on and fucked her, I came in her as she screamed, I laid above her as she kissed my chest, my face, caressing me. I started sucking her tits again, they were so addictive.

I pulled out my softened cock and saw a whole on the tip of the condom.

Uh oh,

She looked and said Crap, you bastard, but its worth it, she smiled as she licked the cum off the condom and swallowed it.

As we were caressing each other, the door bell rang, she commanded me to fuck her, so I did, I inserted my dick into her once again. She led us downstairs, fucking. She opened the door without second thought.

Delivery for Miss, Janet Leigh, said a deep voice.

He saw what we were doing and stunned.

Thatd be me, oh, harder Austin, sign here? yes like that Austin, Thanks, she slammed the door and we laid on her coffee table at her living room, I was below of her as she sat on my dick, riding me. Again I felt her pussy liquid coating my dick, this time with a better feel, as I wasnt wearing any condom. Minutes of fucking hard pounding, I came in her.

Fuck you, horny boy, cum in me like that? Will you take care of the baby if we have one? Or would you just /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder, she said.

Id fuck you harder now,

She gently pushed me away, walked into the kitchen and came back in with her new lingerie.. The /party/">party just started,

That day I spent the whole day fucking her. Until her mom came by. Her mom was a /blonde/">blonde, surprisingly. A MILF in her 50s. She was a 30B -I found out when we went /sex/sex-toy/">sex toy shopping together- with one /ass/big-ass/">big ass and 26 inch tummy. Damn.. what a milf. We spent that day having threesomes.

Sometimes theyd send me dirty texts, hoping they could fuck me- individually. I did fulfill their wishes as sexxxx video ful hd they were very hot too. Until today I still see them from time to time- without using condoms anymore, she knows I dislike them. Janies right underneath me now, sucking my dick. Her mother ? In California.